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Caritas Archdiocese Vienna, working in the city of Vienna as well as in large parts of Lower Austria, was founded after World War I in order to support people in need by organizing help, especially for problems exceeding the possibilities of help granted by single parishes in those days. The array of help embraces programs in such diversified fields as poverty and homelessness, asylum, migration and integration, family strengthening, community projects, work with disabled people, day care services, home and hospice care. In the global network Caritas Archdiocese Vienna also engages in foreign countries in emergency and rehabilitation aid as well as in long-term partnerships. Work is concentrated in Moldova, the Ukraine, in the Kosovo, Serbia and the Sudan. The participating Caritas department  is situated in the organization Caritas Vienna, sector „Asylum and Integration”. It has extensive expertise in the development of awareness raising activities and integration strategies for communities and institutions. The content of the activities is migration issues, integration, intercultural dialogue and participation. It has successfully worked with integration departments of regional and local governments, community representatives including municipal councils, local associations, museums, art galleries, school principals and teachers. Staff members of Caritas have realised educational, awareness raising and connecting activities for refugees and the majority population.

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